The advantages of Heat Interface Units (HIU)

What is a Heat Interface Unit (HIU) ?

Heat Interface Units are typically installed in apartment complexes, social housing or RHI district heating schemes that have a central heating plant / central boiler house that generates the heat which is distributed through a network of pipe to each home or apartment in the building.
The HIU’s role is to offer a reliable and efficient way of controlling the heating and producing hot water in each flat.

Why should you install Heat Interface Units (HIU) ?

  • Ease of installation and lower investment costs

    Having a central boiler plant means that the apartments don’t need to be individually connected to gas and supplied with a boiler each. This alone is a significant cost saving for developers that will also result in future savings due to reduced service and maintenance costs.

    Each apartment will have a Heat Interface Unit installed. They are easier to install than boilers: gas supply is not required for an HIU, also no flues are needed to evacuate exhaust combustion. This also makes HIUs exceptionally safe.

  • Ease of integration with renewable energy

    By connecting with central energy plant, HIUs allow easy integration with renewable energy systems such CHP, solar or heat pumps, providing sustainable heating for residents.

  • Minimal maintenance

    Heat Interface Units are simple to maintain, the plate heat exchangers can be accessed and removed in just minutes.

  • Environmental benefits

    HIUs can be fitted with heat meters to give residents awareness and control over their energy consumption, promoting energy saving.

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