Bosch Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit

Highly efficient generators of both electricity and heat energy, with overall net efficiencies of up to 91.8%


savings compared to traditional heating methods


total efficiency

Bosch’s highly effective cogeneration CHP modules and compact power units which, through the clever combination of the reciprocating engine and generator, optimised hydraulics and an intelligent control system, makes them an energy efficient technology for present and future requirements.

When compared with conventional heating systems, Bosch CHP modules can amount to savings of up to 30%. Bosch CHP modules achieve a total efficiency of up to 91.8%, which compares more than favourably with the average 38% to 52% efficiency achieved when generating electricity using conventional power units and producing heat from a traditional boiler. Such high levels of efficiency mean that your initial investment costs can be paid back within as little as 2 to 3 years.

Whether installed in a light commercial setting, public buildings, industrial or district heating, our commercial CHP units cater for a wide range of applications, enabling you to save energy more readily.

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Generation of three-phase current 400/50 V/Hz
Electrical output12kWe to 2MWe
Thermal output 34 to 500 kWth
Maximum permissible operating pressure6 bar
Operating weight1,115 to 7,500 kg
Bosch CHP combined heat and power

Bosch Combined Heat and Power (CHP) brochure

CHP Case study Rexroth

CHP Case study RAF Waddington

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