Bosch Gas Absorption Heat Pump

GHP AWO 38 Heat Pump

Bosch gas absorption heat pumps cut energy running costs and provide up to 65% additional heat by drawing in free energy from the surrounding air. For higher heating demands, the GHP AWO 38 can be supplied in a multi-heat pump cascade system. The gas absorption heat pump draws energy from the air using heat pump technology and a highly-efficient, low NOx, gas condensing heat generator.


By using gas as the primary energy source directly at the point of use, rather than electricity which is generated largely in coal or gas power stations, the gas absorption heat pump has a significantly small carbon footprint.

Typical applications for a gas absorption heat pump include apartment buildings, healthcare facilities, educational buildings and offices.

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Max. Rated heating out (A7W35)41.1
Max. Rated heat input up to a flow temperature of 65°C25.7
Efficiency (A7W35)164%
Sound pressure level 10m at max. load42
Maximum flow rate4,000
bosch gas absorption heat pump

Bosch Gas Absorption Heat Pump Brochure

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