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Get the best fan for your pizza oven: Use this and there will be no more smoke in the kitchen!

If you want to bake an Italian pizza, then you most likely know the temperatures you have to deal with are very high. At some point they will even reach 600 degrees Celsius or even more than that. While the high temperature allows the pizza to cook in just a few minutes, it’s also demanding and challenging for a cook to stay near the oven. On the upside, if you cook this way, you get to preserve the texture, taste and overall appeal of your pizza.

The thing to note here is that most pizzeria have their stoves and ovens in the same kitchen. That’s why it can be problematic, because the stove’s extractor hood will end up interfering with the chimney’s natural draught. As a result, you can have smoke in the kitchen, not to mention there will be plenty of bad odors in there as well.


Exodraft is here to bring you the Pizza Chimney fan type RSHT as the right solution for the aforementioned issue. This is a professional pizza oven fan that can easily handle any temperature up to 700 degrees Celsius. It’s also great for continual flue gas temperatures that can reach 500 degrees as well. Once you purchase the Pizza Chimney fan type RSHT, you will notice that it has a horizontal discharge and an axial fan. What this means is that the negative pressure is always under control and you can also stay away from any smoke issues. You will also have better fuel economy and the combustion will be better too!

Rev / min. Voltage Amp kW Weight
RSHT009-4-1 1400 1 x 230 V 0.26 A 0.06 12 kg
RSHT012-4-1 1400  1 x 230 V  0.55 A 0.09 15 kg
RSHT014-4-1 1400  1 x 230 V  1.0 A 0.19  19 kg
RSHT016-4-1 1400  1 x 230 V  1.9 A 0.31  22 kg

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What model is the best for your pizza oven?

We will need to get some information from you in order to determine the right option. But the most important things for us are the chimney flue dimensions and the pizza oven size. Once we know that, it will be easy to figure out the right Pizza Chimney fan type RSHT size. Get in touch with us and you will have no problem finding the best fan for your pizza oven!

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