Choosing the right Exodraft chimney fan

Choosing the right chimney fan can be tricky, let us guide you through what’s available and the best solution for you.

Docherty Group’s technical team live and breathe our products and offer FREE, unbiased advice on choosing the right product for your project. In close co-operation with Exodraft, we provide project analysis and system design recommendations.

Which size and type of chimney fan should I use?

Exodraft has an easy calculation method which works in a majority of cases for chimney fans on solid fuel only, using the table below:

* If the chimney opening is larger than the chimney fan base plate, you can adapt it by means of a flange or choose a larger chimney fan.

**Area of openingchimney-fan-stoves-advice
A. One-sided fireplace: Area = a x h (m2)
B. Corner installation: Area = 0.8 x (a + b) x h (m2)

Chimney height: 2-8 m
Elbows: Max 2 x 90° bends
No other ventilation/exhaustion

Support for more complex projects

If you want to get more technical than this, our team are happy to help – they love a challenge. During this process we use design software developed by exodraft. This enables us to design complete systems accurately and efficiently, whilst providing engineers with design reports.
All calculations and system recommendations provided by exodraft are carried out in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations. All designs are stored electronically so that our engineers and technicians have a permanent access to project information.

For more advice please call Janine on 01635 292 400 or complete the appraisal form and we will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements