Heating appliances

Heat Interface Units (HIU)

Installed in shared residential buildings, the HIU distributes heating and domestic hot water from a central plant system to individual properties. By removing the need for each area to have a conventional boiler, gas flue and hot water cylinder, the interface units dramatically reduce build costs for developers.

Blue-Tech oil boilers

The Blue-Tech oil boiler uses the very latest Blue Flame technology and is currently the most energy-efficient domestic oil boiler in Europe. The Blue Flame technology ensures a cleaner soot free flame through secondary burn of combustion air which also reduces pollution to the lowest possible level, achieving an impressive level of NOx emissions of only 65mg/kW hour.

Bioethanol fire

Finally have a live fire in a property that doesn’t have a chimney.  Ecofire is easy to build, and both safe and clean for its environment.

Commercial and Industrial Heating

Our innovative solutions and outstanding quality ensure that you can generate heat and hot water in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

bosch combined heat and power

Bosch Combined Heat and Power Units

Highly efficient generators of both electricity and heat energy, with overall net efficiencies of up to 91.8%

Bosch Gas Absorption Heat Pump

Bosch gas absorption heat pumps cut energy running costs and provide up to 65% additional heat by drawing in free energy from the surrounding air.