Docherty Group are now supplying Bosch Commercial Heating Solutions

Docherty Group have been developing their product portfolio in the past months and are both proud and excited to announce a partnership with Bosch on their range are commercial heating solutions, CHP units and Gas Absorption Heat Pumps.

Gas Absorption Heat Pumps

Bosch gas absorption heat pumps cut energy running costs and provide up to 65% additional heat by drawing in free energy from the surrounding air. For higher heating demands, the GHP AWO 38 can be supplied in a multi-heat pump cascade system.

The gas absorption heat pump draws energy from the air using heat pump technology and a highly-efficient, low NOx, gas condensing heat generator. By using gas as the primary energy source directly at the point of use, rather than electricity which is generated largely in coal or gas power stations, the gas absorption heat pump has a significantly small carbon footprint.

The heat pump provides up to 65% additional heat by drawing in free energy from the surrounding air.

Combined Heat and Power Modules

By simultaneously delivering both heat and electricity, Bosch CHP modules boast particularly high efficiency levels and significantly reduce your energy consumption and costs. When compared with conventional heating systems, Bosch CHP modules can amount to savings of up to 30%. Bosch CHP modules achieve a total efficiency of up to 91.8%, which compares more than favourably with the average 38% to 52% efficiency achieved when generating electricity using conventional power units and producing heat from a traditional boiler. Such high levels of efficiency mean that your initial investment costs can be paid back within as little as 2 to 3 years.

Since being established in 1865, Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd has specialised in commercial and industrial solutions, gaining an extensive level of knowledge and experience to become a global market leader. Its premium quality range of products and services have been developed thanks to a commitment to innovation, quality and manufacturing excellence. The values and ethics of the company are a good fit with the Docherty brand. Through Docherty Group Bosch have increased its coverage within the UK, utilising the Docherty branch network and sales team to help develop commercial sales.

The partnership with Bosch allows Docherty to extend its offering into commercial heating, alongside its already established domestic heating product ranges and its new premium efficiency oil boiler range.

For more information on the Docherty commercial product range please follow this link.