SIA Ecodesign ready stoves

The importance of reducing emissions in wood burning stoves and improving the quality of air is paramount to building a greener future. Approved by the SIA, the new Ecodesign Ready scheme will be overseen by HETAS and supported by DEFRA. This scheme will set the standard for environmentally friendly stoves and verify that the stoves meet the stringent requirements to be considered Ecodesign Ready.

What does the Ecodesign Ready label mean?

SIA_EcoDesign_ReadyConcern about air pollution in recent years has brought home the importance of improving air quality, resulting in the introduction of a new European-wide programme, Ecodesign. ‘Ecodesign’ will become mandatory for all stoves by 2022 and aims at further reducing the environmental impact of burning wood.

The Ecodesign Ready” label informs consumers that the stove will meet the new stringent emission limits. Ecodesign Ready stoves are the most environmentally friendly stoves available today and will reduce particulate emissions by 90% compared to open fires and 80-84% compared to old stoves.

Test results show that Ecodesign Stoves are significantly cleaner burning

Independent research conducted by Kiwa Gastec on behalf of the SIA has shown that modern clean burning stoves, designed to meet the new Ecodesign requirements will reduce significantly emissions compared to an open fire and a stove of 10 years ago.

The tests covered the emission of particles, other carbon gases (OCG) and NOx from an open fire, a stove from 10 years ago and a stove designed to meet the stringent emission levels in Ecodesign.

The results are summarised in the graphs on the right:

Docherty’s Ecodesign ready stoves

Alpha II
Graphite 8
Precision II

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