ekol Adept

The range of options for the Adept will never stop developing…

The evolution of the firebox for the perfect burn maybe complete with the Ekol Adept, but the design potential of its outer surrounding options and the ways in which Adept could interact with you and your environment are infinite. The Adept Concept is simply based on Ekol’s passion to combine the perfect fire experience with practical and beautiful design that can morph to suit your individual style, lifestyle and home.
Ekol-Adept is a highly advanced stove concept. Precision engineered dual layer steel construction, this is a very heavy duty woodburner and will efficiently heat your room to perfection via warm air convection as well as infra-red, thermal radiant heat.
Designed to burn in style, there are literally limitless options with this stove, so that it becomes your own truly bespoke piece of engineered design.

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Key features

Available with a wide range of modification options

Crystal clear ultra-high temperature ceramic viewing window

2-7.5kW operating range

80.3% efficiency

Ultra clean burning

Warm air convection system for optimal warm air distribution

Pre-heated air-wash system for clean glass and clear view of the fire

Dual simple-slider controls for intuitive, maximum control of the fire

Heavy guage steel fully welded-body