Bringing the family back into the business

Message from Allister Moorcroft, Managing Director of Docherty Group

When my father Barry Moorcroft and my mother Helen founded H Docherty Ltd in 1960, their mission was to create a business they could build with the family.

Their priorities were selling high-quality products that  customers needed, delivering great service, and treating  customers and employees like they were members of the family.

My father was a man filled with entrepreneurial spirit, inventive and passion for his work. He had seen a business opportunity to manufacture and sell chimney cowls.

Barry’s sales of cowls led to more and more requests for flues and chimneys from customers, that’s how he started to expand the business: by listening to what his customers needed.

Nicki and Allister Moorcroft

Throughout its 56 years in operation, Docherty has remained a steadfastly independent, family owned and run business.

I have studied as an accountant and was quickly drawn into the business 32 years ago by my father, helping it grow to become a leading distributor and manufacturer of flues, chimneys and heating appliances, with an established network of 10 branches and a HETAS approved training centre.

Fundamental to the business’ success was my wife Nicki who has joined the business 26 years ago and quickly built strong relationships with customers and gained invaluable technical knowledge. Many employees’ families have also enjoyed several generations of parents, children, siblings and cousins working with Docherty Group. Keeping a stable and extremely reliable workforce has long been a core strength of our company, with many  employees having worked with Docherty for more than 30 years and are still an integral part of our business.

After a year’s break, Nicki and I are back to the forefront of the business, motivated to strengthen the family values that were so important to my father: consistent quality, reliable supply and high customer care. Although we are very progressive in continually evolving, we strongly adhere to our ethos that personal contact is paramount to maintaining excellent client relationships.

Today, just as yesterday, the business is based on solid family values:

  • We care about our customers and their businesses – we know them personally we’ve built strong and lasting relationships with them
  • We provide a unique customer experience – if it matters to you, it matters to us

This year has seen some new challenges witin the market. Docherty has also undergone a period of change, what remains important to Nicki and I is the way in which we service our  customers and the values and behaviours demonstrated in  doing so. We have not always kept these values at the forefront and we have listened to your feedback and taken it on board.

Nicki and I will be championing further values, enhancing the  beliefs that built such strong relationships with you, our  customers; securing the family ethos and doing business  ethically ensuring both Docherty and your own business are sustainable and future proof. We look forward to the future and building the Docherty family with you.

Allister Moorcroft

Managing Director, Docherty Group

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