A comprehensive range of ancillaries available including sealants, fire ropes, insulating materials, smoke pellets etc

Firehawk Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The CO7B is a ‘fully sealed’ 7 year life alarm with end of life indicator, versatile mounting system, LED indicators for power, alarm and fault and silence button. It is guaranteed for 7 years.

wood moisture meter

Moisture meter

Digital moisture meter for firewood


The flue guard creates a solid protective barrier between the flue and loft insulation preventing the risk of fire. It is designed to fit several sizes of flue; this is achieved by the unique tab system design that are pushed inwards until contact is made with the outer flue wall.

Stove glass cleaner

Trollull Stove Glass Cleaners are the first dry cleaning pads for a clear view on your life, ideal for all stove glass. They clean fast and scratch free any stove glass. Guaranteed!

Silca insulation board for fireplaces

Silca insulating boards

Silca insulation board serves as both fire protecting wall and thermal insulation in only one construction material