Hi-Flame changes safe distance to combustibles from the top of the stove

Hi-Flame have revised their manufacturer’s guidance on safe minimum distances to combustible materials for the Graphite 5, Alpha 1 and Precision 1 models, changing the minimum distance to combustibles from the top of the stove to 600mm minimum.

Several tests have been carried out and now Hi-Flame are satisfied that, where a stove is placed in a brick or stone built fireplace opening, provided that no part of the combustible material is within 600 mm distance from any part of the top of the stove then this would comply with Hi-Flame’s strict product safety requirements.

In installations where a stove sits proud of the fireplace opening and where a combustible mantel is particularly prominent it must be the installer, who has the benefit of being on site, to satisfy themselves that the mantel will not be in danger of overheating and if in any doubt they should therefore take the appropriate safety precautions. For example, such as fitting a protective metal or noncombustible heat shield incorporating a suitable air gap below the mantel or alternatively replacing the existing mantel with a composite non-combustible mantel.

In conclusion: The minimum safe distance from the top of the Graphite 5, Alpha 1 and Precision 1 to combustible materials is 600 mm (subject to on-site safety considerations outlined above). The side and rear distances to combustibles remain unchanged.

Revised handbooks and installation instructions will be available shortly.