Docherty delivers… fully automated, sustainable heating

For those who are committed to using a renewable energy source that is easy to use and fully automated, a pellet stove or boiler can be an excellent option.

A pellet stove combines the charm of a traditional woodburning stove with the latest technology and highest convenience. The automatic addition of fuel, remote or touchscreen control are just a few advantages of a pellet stove.

They can be even operated by a smartphone and are fully programmable: you can program them to turn on at a particular time of day, maintain a constant room temperature via a thermostat and running time.

The latest pellet stoves and boilers can heat your room as well as connect to a central heating system – saving you money at the same time.

Docherty’s wood pellet heaters are able to run at an efficiency of up to 95%, meaning when a pellet is burnt it produces very little air pollution or ash and the majority of the heat generated ends up in the room not up the chimney. Discover our pellet heater range at

Join us at Grand Designs Live in October to see our pellet stoves on display alongside our full range of heating appliances – exciting new products revealed at the show!