Lifetime warranty for Fireflexmaster

Fireflexmaster-lifetime-warranty-2017Docherty Group has launched a new lifetime warranty to cover the Fireflexmaster flexible flue liner products.

The warranty will be valid for all units purchased via Docherty Group’s official distributors and will see any faulty liners replaced during the appliance’s lifetime.

The Fireflexmaster Lifetime Warranty programme was created to help demonstrate the faith we have in our own products and also to provide support and after sale care for the entire time that a customer owns the product.

Providing the flexible flue liner has been installed correctly, only approved fuels have been used, and the flexible flue liner has been cleaned and maintained in accordance with the general warranty terms, Fireflexmaster will last the lifetime of the appliance. If you change the appliance, it is best practice to also change the liner. If you have a chimney fire then the flue liner must be changed under these circumstances.

There are a few terms and conditions in order to keep the products in good condition and safe working order so please read these carefully.

Jed Smith, Senior Commercial Manager at Docherty, said:

At Docherty we are so confident in the quality of our products and the engineering behind them that, after nearly six decades of serving the UK market, we would like our customers to benefit from the confidence we have in our products. This stems from the exceptional standards we set ourselves.

The Fireflexmaster Lifetime Warranty programme is just one of a number of new products and initiatives to be launched by Docherty this year. To see all our new products for the new season, visit us at Hearth & Home on 11-13 June.

Docherty Group will continue to look at ways to make our customers’ experience easier, more profitable and will continue to place the highest level of attention on improving customer interactions. Come and see us at the Hearth & Home show and tell us what you want next in the flue and stove industry, let’s create something new together.

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