Richard Benyon MP visits Docherty Newbury

Our Newbury branch enjoyed a visit from the local MP on Friday 27th January.

Richard Benyon MP was hosted by Nicki Moorcroft, Director at H Docherty Ltd who gave him a brief overview of the company history and our products.

They were joined by Dennis Milligan of the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) to discuss the impact of wood burning on air quality and the Ecodesign Ready Scheme initiated by the SIA.

Richard Benyon was impressed by the efficiency and the technology of modern clean burning stoves and was supportive of the initiatives the SIA and stove manufacturers were taking to further reduce emissions from wood burners to improve air quality.

For more information about the Ecodesign Ready Scheme and Air Quality visit the SIA website

Pictured: Nicki Moorcroft (Director, H Docherty Ltd), Richard Benyon MP, Dennis Milligan (Stove Industry Alliance)