Severn SY Corner Fireplace Insert

Corner fireplace insert with bent glazing

  • Designed for convection and accumulation operation
  • DOUBLE SPIN flue gas system
  • Developed for low-energy buildings
  • CAI (central air intake)
  • Cast iron grate
  • Ash pan
  • Combustion chamber – real chamotte
  • Customizable legs
  • Option to supplement the insert with a MAMMOTH accumulation set
  • Door frame made of special rigid rolled profile
  • Built-up dimensions: 600 x 438 x 330 mm
Technical data:
Nominal output5.7 kW
Regulated output3 – 8 kW
Hot-air output5.7 kW
Average wood consumption1.6 kg/h
Chimney draft12 Pa
Weight115 kg
DimensionsH 983 x W 600 x D 370
CAI diameter120mm
Flue diameter150mm

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