The growing success of the new Docherty stoves

Docherty are continuously working to ensure their customers have access to a quality product range that suits their needs regardless of their market and the three new stove models that have joined the Docherty product family earlier this year are proof of that commitment.

The Avon, Tamar and Trent are designed to meet customers’ demanding requirements for aesthetic appeal and functional performance. All feature simple, elegant design using the highest quality components. The prices on this range compared to the competition are extremely competitive with a 5 years warranty and next day delivery and spares carried in the UK.

Avon wood burning stove
Tamar with SIC automatic regulation
Trent wood burning stove

The Avon meets all the requirements of today’s modern homes. The slim cylindrical body allows the stove to be installed even in the smaller interiors of low-energy houses. The dominant feature of the stove is its extensive glazing with black, glossy printing. The elegant stainless steel handle leads vertically up to the top of the stove, enabling the door to be easily opened in an upright position by the user. The stove is equipped with central air inlet.

The Tamar combines modern design and the finest internal technology. The elegant glass front and the optimised combustion technology of the stove merge into one unbeatable unit. The SIC 700 intelligent control technology regulates all combustion processes and represents the maximum comfort and low fuel consumption.

With its sleek, elegant design and its extremely shallow and oval shape the Trent quickly became the most popular stove of the three.  Thanks to the side glass it radiates pleasant warmth and comfort evenly from three sides.

Following the excellent feedback the stoves received at last year’s Hearth & Home and Grand Designs Live exhibitions, the Avon, Tamar and Trent are now going through Defra approval.

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