The importance of choosing the right chimney liner

The chimney liner is one of the most critical components of the operating system of your fireplace: its main role is to safely expel hot flue gases to the exterior atmosphere. Before you decide to buy a generic liner online and try to drop it in place, here’s what you should know about this vertical shaft.

Functions of chimney liners:

  • Makes heating appliances more efficient

    Flue liners improve the flow of air within the chimney. Wood or fuel consumption will be reduced since this causes better heat retention.

  • Protects your home

    from heat passing through the chimney

  • Protects the chimney itself and keeps you safe from dangerous gases

    Acidic flue gases corrode masonry from the inside, shortening a chimney’s life. Flue liners protect the chimney from damage and prevent dangerous gases like Carbon Monoxide leaks into the building.

Chimney liner sizing

The right size liner is critical to performance and helping your fires burn clean.

  • If your liner diameter is too small your chimney will not have efficient draft, backing smoke up into your home.
  • On the other hand, if your liner diameter is too large, you will be losing a great deal of heat up your chimney, decreasing the efficiency of your stove.

Chimney liner materials

There are several materials used in chimney liners today, stainless steel being the most popular option for its affordability and simplicity of installation. If properly installed and maintained, stainless steel flue liners are extremely safe and durable.

At Docherty we are so confident of the quality and longevity of our Fireflexmaster liner that we’re able to offer a LIFETIME warranty against defects, to provide support and after sale care for the entire time that a customer owns the product.

Quality is paramount

Given the considerable investment of time and money that goes into fitting a chimney liner, it’s understandable that homeowners want to reduce their costs where they can. However, that same investment is crucial in maintaining the safety and durability of the work from the beginning.

To make sure all materials are up to the appropriate standard and your appliances work safely and efficiently, it’s important that installation and servicing is carried out by a properly trained and registered competent person to prevent any safety issues and potential costs further down the line.

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