Tweed Standard Fireplace Insert

Hot air fireplace insert with lifting door

  • Fireplace insert with large glass
  • Lifting door with Silent Lift, the newest roller system – silent and easy door operation
  • Precise door fitting in the rollers
  • Intended for convection operation
  • DOUBLE SPIN flue gas system
  • Chamber without grate – grate and ash pan is an option on demand
  • Nice large glass with design black print
  • Combustion chamber lined with genuine bricks
  • Regulation of primary and secondary air intake with a single control lever
  • Tertiary air intake
  • CAI (central air intake)
Technical data:
Regulated output4.5 – 12kW
Average wood consumption2.23 kg/h
Chimney draft12 Pa
Weight230 kg
DimensionsH 1327 x W 964 x D 580
CAI diameter150mm
Flue diameter200mm

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